Welcome to kavathiya.20m.com website

This is our first website we have built at our education time. When we get 1 hrs free internet on BCA college we are trying to explore as much as we can. We surfed in a group of students together. We have a very good dial up internet connection with Proxy connection of 4 PCs. When we got time for internet Hrs we got a very big smile on our face. try to get maximum knowledge in a limited time. we do share knowledge of which we found new from the internet. What we learn from the internet - How to open email accounts / register email accounts on hotmail. That time gmail was not available / chrome browse was not available.Internet explorer and netscape navigator without multiple tabs. If we want to open two websites then we need to open one more internet explorer. If you want to surf the internet out of college then you need to visit cafe Yes Cyber Cafe. Cyber Cafe was charged 50 Rs per Hrs. ( USD Exchange Rate  40 Rs = 1 USD)

Thank you for reading